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Livre Chinon Castle
Françoise Houvenaghel
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Towering majestically over the Vienne, Chinon Castle is one of the most outstanding sites in the whole of the great Loire Valley. This book provides a thorough compendium of this highly significant historical French landmark. Eleanor of Aquitaine, Charles VII and Joan of Arc are all to be met here... Visitors will discover dramatic and extraordinary episodes, all of which have left their mark.

Passionate about history and heritage, Françoise Houvenaghel specializes in the work of Rabelais and the history of Chinon. She has already published several reference books on these two topics.

Piqué à cheval - format : 16 x 23 cm
ISBN : 978-2-8138-1154-7 • 29 mars 2018 • 32 pages
5,9 € Commander la version papier

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